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Metal Protection

wK-90™ A high quality 4 in 1 Oil                

Formulation complies to MOD and NATO specifications

  • Penetrates
  • Lubricates
  • Protects
  • Displaces Water
Used in hundreds of applications across many industries

WK-90™ - Product Selector
ProductDescriptionSubstrateApplicationCorrosion InhibitorTemp RangepH
WK-90™4 in 1 OilMulti MetalsHand spray

  • WK-90™ is a general purpose high quality four in one oil, Penetrates, Lubricates, Protects and Displaces Water.
  • WK-90™ formula complies and is manufactured to meet MOD and NATO specifications.
  • WK-90™ when used as a metal guard is easy to apply and fast drying, leaving components covered in a thin (2 micron) transparent lubricating film, giving up to two years protection under normal storage conditions.
  • WK-90™ is applied by either spraying or immession.
  • WK-90™ is used to guard and protect ferrous, non-ferrous and alloy components, equipment and machinery, during manufacture, packaging, storage, transportation and export.
  • WK-90™ has no known adverse effect on paints, plastics, rubbers and other non-metallic substrates.
  • WK-90™generally requires no removal as the thin protecting film is compatible with most lubricants, meaning components can be put directly into service.

Packaging and Container Sizes

WK-90™ is supplied in 25Litre containers for dispensing into solvent resistant trigger sprays.


Trigger Spray


Shipping and Delivery

WK-90™ is despatched between 5-7 working days upon receipt of a valid purchase order (for account holders) or after payment is received (for non account holders).

We ship to all parts of the UK, and export to Europe and the Rest of the World


WK-90™ complies to all the latest REACH and COSHH regulations and manufactured to ISO 9001 management systems in the formulation and blending of cleaning, and surface preparation chemicals.

The formula complies and is manufactured to meet MOD and NATO specifications.

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