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Degreasing Chemicals

spraywash top and front loading machines

Vapourwash supply an extensive range of Aqueous and Solvent Chemicals for use in a wide variety of cleaning and degreasing applications 
  • Spraywash top and front loading machines
  • Spraywash conveyor machines
  • Dunk agitation tanks
  • Immersion ultrasonic machines
  • Fully enclosed manual spraywash cabinets
  • Through brush open wash stations
  • Floor cleaning machines
  • Vapour degreasing machines
  • Flushing rigs
  • Hand-held applications

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The WashKem® branded range of aqueous cleaning and degreasing chemicals are a suite of modern high-tech formulations manufactured from the highest-quality ingredients using the very latest techniques and processes. Our R&D program explores the very lates innovations within the sector allowing us to continually develop products making them more operator and environmental friendly combined with higher levels of performance.

Within the diverse range there is a product to suit nearly all cleaning and degreasing applications across the engineering and manufacturing sectors, from manual wash stations and automated spraywash machines to immersion, agitation and ultrasonic tanks.

If a particular application require a bespoke solution, we have the technology and expertise to adapt an existing product or formulate a new product to suit.

The WashKem® range is fully compliant to all REACH and COSHH regulations.

Our comprehensive stocking policy allows us to offer short delivery lead times.

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The Vapourwash® solvent range of products includes Vapourwash® 701-12 which is a Hydrofluoroether (HFE) with an R20 risk phrase for use in vapour degreasing equipment and flushing rigs offering a safer alternative to Trichloroethylene (Trike), Perchloroethylene, (Perk), N-Propyl bromide (nPB) and Methylene Di-Chloride (Mdc).

Vapourwash® 07 & 40 gives a choice of two fast evaporating solvents for use in hand-held trigger sprays used for rebuilds, pre-gasket fitting and various other surface preparation applications.

Vapourwipes™ are low lint solvent impregnated wipes contained within a bucket and dispensed individually through a centre feed lid, used to clean and degrease surfaces prior to painting and other treatments.

The Vapourwash® range is fully compliant to all REACH and COSHH regulations.

Our comprehensive stocking policy allows us to offer short delivery lead times.


+44 (0)1623 634808

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