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DI & RO Water

Vapourwash Offer both Demineralised and reverse osmosis water Systems

DEmineralised - DI Water

Vapourwash® offer a wide range of exchangeable media cylinders suitable for use in many industrial applications, providing quality treated water without the need for capital investment in DI plant or the requirement for on-site chemicals.

To compliment this service we also supply bags of high quality mixed bed resin giving companies the option to recharge their own cylinders at their own premises without the requirement to exchange cylinders.

Reverse Osmosis - RO Water

An extremely effective process that employs high pressure across a semi permeable membrane to separate out harmful particulate, ions and bacteria. Reverse Osmosis uses an applied pressure to overcome osmotic pressure (that is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent).

The end result is that the ‘concentrate’, is retained on the pressurised side of the membrane and the ‘permeate’ in this instance ‘pure’ water is allowed to pass to the other side. This non-chemical process provides an excellent solution in the production of high quality RO water across a broad spectrum of applications.

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